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Archeological tour to Adadimariam Tiya and Dilla

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Day 01:


Day 02:

City tour in Addis to visit the National Museum to witness the reconstructed Skelton of Lucy, 3.2 million years old and the oldest child selam 3.5 million years and quite aged stone tools excavated and formed at several archaeological sites in different parts of the country including Hadar archeological sites.

Overnight at the Hotel.

Day 03:

Drive to the five pale ontological sites found around the Rock -Hewn church of Adadi Mariam to witness million years old stone tools including bifax lavalwa and obsidian axes choppers and needles with incredible dating on camping.

Day 04:

Continue the other officially formed for tourism pale ontological sites either by mule back or walking as the sites is found in close proximity and camping on.

Day 05:

Drive from Adadi Marian to Butujara visiting tiya stele field, then continue to the pale ontological site near ziway and walk to the Mountain to find the obsidian stone tools on camping.

Day 06:

Drive to Dilla to the registered stele field in its abundant number of monolithic stones at Tutu Fella near Dilla town on Dilla.

Day 07:

Drive to konso along the road that crosses the Kenya on border up to Yabello and turn to the right to visit to konso, another important pale ontological site around konso.

Day 08:


Day 09:

Drive back to Langano through Arbaminch before beginning archeological sight seeing at Hadar near the Danakali depression.

Day 10:

Drive to Hadar through Nazareth and Awash enjoying the rift valley upper part and the nearly situated rift valley escarpment near Awash then head to the final destination Hadar archeological site where they found the Lucy famous fossil.

Overnight camping.

Day 11:

Spend the whole day discovering the nearby sites of archaeology and many other sites in the area.

Overnight camping.

Day 12:

Drive back to Nazareth and relax the last day of the trip.

Day 13:

Drive back to Addis the capital and departure.

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